• Developer - Microsoft Corp (USA)

    I worked as an intern for 12 weeks at Microsoft, near Seattle, as developer in the Visual Studio Telemetry Team.

  • Comunity - Microsoft Student Brand Manager

    I am one of the 75 French Microsoft Student Brand Manager; my mission consist in represent Microsoft in my school, SUPINFO.

  • Teacher - .Net Laboratory

    As head of laboratory in SUPINFO Paris campus, I am also a VB.Net & C # (WinForms, WPF, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Kinect & ASP.Net) trainer in the laboratory of Microsoft development technologies (Laboratory .Net).

  • Developer - D-Cube

    I carried out an full-time internship of three months as a .Net developer in D-Cube company in which I took part in two missions: a tool for Microsoft designed to analysis of the impact of social networking on sales and a Kinect project for the Microsoft TechDays 2014.

  • Webmaster - Dokilia Innovation

    The website of the company Dokilia Innovation was made ​​by me according to the guidelines of the managers of this stratup over a period of 3 months.

  • Webmaster - Aigle Clean

    I realized during two months the website of the company Aigle Clean, still active to this day.

  • Technician - Web@Informatique

    I was a computer technician for 1 month in society Web@Informatique as part of a job during the school holidays.

  • Teacher - Street Dance

    For five months, I voluntarily trained a group of classical dance in street dance in order to make a tribute to the artist Michael Jackson in a dance on Thriller music.

Curriculum Vitae

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