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A list of projects I'm working on, or worked on.


Projects I actively work on.



// 2024 - Present

// Technologies: .NET, C#, WinAppSdk

And educational, productivity and accessibility tool to enhance keyboard usage experience on Windows.

Microsoft Store




// 2021 - Present

// Technologies: .NET, C#, Blazor, WPF, UWP, AppKit, GTK, TypeScript, SASS

A cross-platform open-source Swiss Army knife for developers. More than 350k users.


Copy Git Link

Copy Git Link

// 2020 - Present

// Technologies: .NET, C#, VS SDK

A Visual Studio extension allowing to copy a GitHub, Azure DevOps and GitLab link to a snippet of code from the IDE.


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Music composition

// 2019 - Present

// Technologies: FL Studio

Self-taught music composition without any pre-knowledge of music theory.

SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify


Projects I worked on. Some are not available online anymore.

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Notepad-based calculator

// 2022

// Technologies: .NET, C#

A prototype of smart calculator using natural language processing.




// 2014 - 2020

// Technologies: .NET, C#, WPF, UWP

A password manager tool made in WPF, then later in UWP.

archive.org, github.com



// 2010 - 2017

// Technologies: .NET, C#, WPF

A clipboard manager app designed to preserve copied data on Windows to paste them later. This tool offered the possibility to synchronize data across multiple computers using OneDrive and DropBox.

archive.org, github.com, youtube.com (French)



// 2007 - 2015

// Technologies: .NET, C#, WinForm, WPF

Started when I was 14 and my largest individual project. It was an intuitive tool designed to prototypes small softwares with low code, while learning the logic of the algorithmics (variable notions, methods, loops...). This tool, at its best, was used by more than 300,000 daily users, mainly in French-speaking countries in Europe and in Africa.

archive.org, github.com, Article in Programmez! (French), Interview in L'Informaticien (French), Tutorial video (French)

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// 2015

// Technologies: .NET, C#, WPF, C++

Designed a homemade Ambilight based on a Arduino Uno, DirectX and a sound card listener under a computer with Windows. The goal of this project is to project the light of the outline of the screen behind this one to create an immersive atmosphere.

archive.org, github.com, youtube.com