• Article - SoftwareZator in Programmez!

    Programmez! magazine dedicated three pages to SoftwareZator project, an automated .Net application builder without coding, in 2012, June. It describes the technology as well as his interest in business and education operation.

  • Status - Microsoft Student Partner

    I became a Microsoft Student Partner in September 2011. The MSP is a community of a hundred students across the world who are passionate about Microsoft technologies and actively involved in the business community.

  • Contests - Olympics in Sciences for Engineers

    I won the first prize of the Olympiad of Sciences for Engineers of Versailles in France, organized by the Ministry of Education, thanks to MyClipboard project, a prototype of manager the clipboard ClipboardZanager. The first prize open the doors to the national finals of the Olympics, which I won 26th place out of 300 participants.

  • Interview - L'Informaticien

    As a result of the release of SoftwareZator 2011, the second version of my .Net application builder, L'Informaticien magazine wanted an interview with me in March 2011 to discover this project and my career.

  • Meet - Microsoft France

    Microsoft support since April 2010 my biggest project, SoftwareZator : an automated .Net application builder without coding.

  • Article - OS Info XP in MicroFiches

    In March 2008, the MicroFiches magazine wrote an article on one of my first projects, OS Info XP, a tool for optimize Windows XP.

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